Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract

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Promotes a healthy intestinal environment, supports heart health and provides immune support

  • Provides GI microbial defense
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Supports healthy BP levels already in normal range
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
  • Provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

For thousands of years, olive leaves and their extracts have been consumed in the Mediterranean diet for diverse health benefits and overall well-being. Olive tree leaves produce eutrophic compounds as a defense mechanism against environmental stressors including bacteria, fungi, parasites and insects. These anti-microbial compounds have been shown to naturally protect and support a healthy cellular environment, without adversely impacting immune function or beneficial microflora. As a natural substance that exhibits antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity, olive leaf supports peak immune health.

Olive leaves contain high amounts of oleuropein, the active nutrient responsible for its wide range of beneficial effects. Patient Ones Olive Leaf formula supplies 500mg of olive leaf extract that is highly standardized, to provide a minimum of 20% oleuropein. The olive leaf also contains the bioflavonoids rutin, luteolin, and hesperidin that further enhance the activity of oleuropein.

Olive leaf has been studied for its effect in supporting healthy lipid and blood pressure levels. Equally important for heart health, olive leaf promotes healthy arterial and endothelial function, helping to relax blood vessels and prevent formation of arterial plaques.

Human and animal studies have shown that supplementation with olive leaf extract reduced blood glucose levels through several mechanisms. Olive leaf slows the digestion of starches into simple sugars, slows absorption of those sugars from the intestine, and increases the update of glucose into tissues from the blood.

Further, olive leaf has been shown to provide protection against oxidative damage and promote healthy inflammatory response. It also appears to support reduced arthritic pain and swelling.

Servings Per Container: 90 

Take 1-2 capsules daily, in divided doses with meals, or as directed by a qualified health care professional.


Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Amount Per Serving
Olive Leaf extract ... 500mg
(Oleo europaea L.) (leaves) 
[Standardized for minimum 20% oleuropein (100mg)]

Other Ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), rice flour, l-leucine

This product is free of milk, egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish (lobster, crab or shrimp), soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, sugar, and artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives.

This product is free of ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).