How to Be Happy With Yourself


Have you ever wondered why no matter what you do, you don’t seem to find happiness?

Happiness is not what you have it's who you are. We should not base our happiness on what we have accomplished in life or the material things we have. Our happiness should be based on what kind of person we are and how we make others feel. When we make others feel happy, we will be happy because we are all a part of God and we have goodness inside of us. Giving a compliment to someone you know or you don’t know will go a long way. So many people are so critical of themselves and feel like no matter what they do they can never do enough. So just imagine if you take time in your day to compliment someone. This will give you many benefits as well as others.

Another way to find happiness is to change your diet as well as your sleep pattern are you going to bed late every night or don’t get enough sleep. Its hard-to-find happiness when the body is tired or exhausted. Now let’s talk about what you are putting in your system, you are what you eat so eat wisely.

Are you drinking enough water in the day, it has been proven if you are dehydrated your brain will not function the same and you will feel tired with a lack of energy, when you don’t have the energy it's hard to be happy.  You might feel more depressed than happy without enough water. So, by all means, drink up.

How about your activities are you staying active and working out because the brain needs your body to be active to have circulation and stimulation. Working out is a great way to make your body feel better and in turn, be happier.

Getting rest is also very important for your happiness, if you are overworking or not getting enough rest then your stress hormone will kick in and create worry instead of happiness. Try to find ways to rest and also create situations in your life for less stress, getting a massage, watching a good movie, going out in nature, find ways to nurture yourself.

Get creative, God has given us all gifts and so many of these gifts are untouched or we may not even know all the gifts that have been given to us. Find your passions and go for it, start getting creative.

An attitude of gratitude is the key to a happy life.  We have to kill all the ants in our life, the ants are the negative thought patterns that come up when we least expect it. The complaining and feeling overwhelmed about everything. Complaining to ourselves or about others will affect our happiness, speaking about negative talk about others will also make us feel bad. So, if you don’t have something great to say don’t say it at all. If you find yourself complaining then notice it and start to kill those complaining ants they are truly a nuisance that we must destroy.

Spend time with family and friends, make time to get out of isolation. Recognizing the value of people and how much we need them in our life. Having positive people that love us and make us feel good is so important to feeling happy.


Most importantly living a faith-filled life will bring us the ultimate happiness, when we let go and let God be the director of our life when we repent of all our sins and forgive all those who have harmed us when we die to self and let the Holy Spirit live through us. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and recognize that he died on the cross for our sins and the price has already been paid to have eternal life with him. This is the ultimate victory; this is the ultimate joy. Find faith-filled Christians to expand your happiness as well as spending time in prayer and meditating on God’s word. You will be more than happy!

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