Colorless Transparent Water-proof Sweat-proof And Non-discoloring Eyebrow Repair Liquid

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Product Information:

Product Category: Eyebrow Raincoat
Color: transparent
Specifications: normal specifications
Special purpose cosmetics: No
1. High quality: Our eyebrow gel is a colorless, odorless and transparent styling product, excellent styling will not cause irritation. Extract herbal essence from Natural plants to lock delicate eyebrows.
2. Super hot wild eyebrows: Whether your eyebrows are sparse or thick, you can get soft and natural eyebrows after using the eyebrow gel. Very suitable for Styling eyebrows, used to tame irregular eyebrows and improve the shape of eyebrows.
3. Natural volume: The eyebrow liquid has a unique formula and is a refreshing, non-sticky product. When brushing natural eyebrows, it will increase the Thickness, volume and texture of the eyebrows, making your makeup look fuller. Has stronger waterproof and anti-fouling capabilities.
4. Waterproof and antifouling: The texture is fine and smooth, and the skin is not itchy, keeping the eyebrows in place and making the eyebrows fuller. Maintain Good condition all day long. Suitable for all occasions.
5. Easy to use: 360° fine brush head, firmly grasp the paste, and then gently brush the delicate eyebrow makeup. Can form natural 3D thick eyebrows, these Eyebrows have a three-dimensional, three-dimensional, thick feeling.

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